We are City Farm Fish

We are a highly motivated team looking to transform cities around the world with urban agriculture and aquaponics.

City Farm Fish

Over the past ten years we have been working in horticulture, engineering, architecture, law, business development, fundraising, and marketing. Now we are bringing something fresh to local communities.

Meet the founders

Teaching Cities to Fish

We are educating cities and citizens to start feeding themselves with urban aquaponics. Aquaponics is the combined cultivation of fish and produce in a closed-loop system. The fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants purify the water. The term is derived from joining aquaculture and hydroponics.

We believe the implementation of aquaponics and other sustainable agricultural techniques can transform our urban future. 70% of the projected 9.2 billion person population will live in metropolitan areas by 2050. The path toward sustainable urban development must begin today. The first step is increased community awareness and a shift in the common consciousness.

Fundamental Benefits
of Urban Agriculture

Coming Soon to a City Near You

Implementation is what makes education relevant. Teaching cities to fish is about spearheading urban agriculture projects and supplementing our food supply with fish, fruits, and vegetables grown closer to home. Below is more info on our current projects.

Brooklyn Navy Yard


Our first project will be located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We will build an adapted version of the EBF Greenhouse designed and developed by our technology partners Energy Biosphere Food from Germany.

The Freshest Fish and
Produce on the Block.

You can even harvest them yourself. Our initial products will be distributed to restaurants and hotels within the greater NYC metropolitan area. Some produce will also be available at GrowNYC Greenmarkets and through the Brooklyn Grange CSA.

If you are interested in purchasing our products, we'd love to hear from you: sales@cityfarmfish.com

City Farm Fish

Brooklyn Navy Yard
63 Flushing Avenue
Unit 195, Bldg 280, Suite 515
Brooklyn, NY 11205

1 (917) 838-2062